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ULC ordinations carry the same legal authority as those from traditional brick-and-mortar institutions – at a fraction of the cost. Scroll down to learn more.

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What is Online Ordination?

As an ordained minister, it's vital to understand the legal foundation behind your ordination. It's true that in many churches and denominations, ordainment as a minister designates a sacred status attained by a person who has spent years of time (and often lots of money) studying for the position. However, these burdensome hurdles are not required by law. In fact, any religious organization is free to set its own standards for bestowing ordination upon its members. That's why ordinations from our internet ministry – despite being reportedly easier to obtain – carry the exact same legal weight as those from traditional religions.

How to Become a Minister Online

More than 20 million ministers have been ordained through Universal Life Church Ministries, and our family continues to grow by the day. No experience is required to join our ranks – only a willingness to learn and a calling/desire to serve in a ministerial role. Simply fill out the online ordination form on our website, press submit, and you'll receive an email confirming your status.

Know Your Local Wedding Laws

Although ordination gives you the complete legal authority to perform weddings, you must still abide by any state laws relating to marriage ceremonies. Most places require officiants who are ordained by a church or religious organization to present proof of their ordination prior to performing any ceremonies. In some localities, registration is also required.

Any specific materials or documentation you might need, like your certificate of ordination, can be found in the minister store section of our website. If you're looking to be a minister for a wedding and are unsure what the requirements are in your area, visit our wedding laws page to get up to speed. And if you want to learn about other aspects of ministerial work, we invite you to check out our minister training center, where we go in-depth on a range of important topics relating to life as an ordained minister.