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How to Become an Ordained Minister

Looking to get ordained? The Universal Life Church Ministries is a non-denominational spiritual organization that accepts anyone who feels called to ministry. We provide all our called members with free ordainment: empowering them to speak truth to power, encouraging them to pursue answers to the "big questions" in life, and giving them legal authority to perform weddings, funerals, and many other types of spiritual ceremonies. Applying for online ordination is quick and can be done right here on our website.

Steps to Legal Ordainment

Becoming an ordained minister of our online church is simple. Just fill out the ordination form, press submit, and keep an eye out for your confirmation email. Here are a few things to keep in mind when completing the form:

  1. Use your full legal name. Any use of nicknames may invalidate your ordination.
  2. Stick with the facts. Any use of false information, including incorrect addresses or fake names, will invalidate your ordination.
  3. Write your name with the correct punctuation, for it will be listed in our records exactly as you write it.
  4. Make sure you use your current email address so we can pass along important information about your ordination.
  5. Applications using another person's name, an animal's name, or similar fictitious accounts will not be recognized. Any such use of fraudulent information will result in a revoked/unrecognized ordination.

Before submitting this form, take the time to ensure that everything on it is accurate. Using incorrect information – even if it's accidental – can cause your ordainment to be invalid. This would be a major headache, so double check each line.

If you have additional questions about our process, please visit our FAQ page for more information.

A Community of Ordained Ministers

We proudly offer free online ordination to those of all beliefs, cultures, and creeds and empower them to effect real change in the world. When you get ordained through the Universal Life Church, you receive far more than legal rights as a minister; you also become part of an expansive network of more than 20 million ministers operating around the globe.

There are multiple platforms available for ULC ministers to connect with one another. Perhaps the most convenient of these is Facebook, where we regularly facilitate spirited conversations and debates about the important issues of our time. The ULC blog is another popular area for ministers to congregate, as it allows for longer-form discussions on a variety of hot-button topics.

To spur further engagement, we've created the ULC Minister's Network, a unique social platform where ministers can connect, take part in interesting discussions, and get feedback from members of the community. Using collective wisdom is a great way to work through any questions you might have.

Group of Universal Life Church ministers
Happy couple after wedding officiated by ordained minister

Perform Marriage

As an ordained minister of the ULC, you will be granted the authority to preside over legal marriage ceremonies and will learn how to become a wedding officiant. Since some locations require ministerial registration or proof of ordination, we provide all the legal documents you might need to navigate this process, including your certificate of ordination and certificates of marriage for the couple! We also offer an array of resources to assist to perform a wedding ceremony, including step-by-step guidance, a comprehensive database of wedding laws in the United States, plenty of wedding ceremony ideas, and a customizable script generator to help you find the right words on the big day.

How to Start a Church

Some of our ministers are driven to do more with their ordainment than simply perform ceremonies. Born out of a desire to serve others, certain enterprising individuals decide to start their own ministries. If that's an area that interests you, we offer numerous resources to support such endeavors. Visit our Ministerial Training Center to learn all about starting an organization, including aspects such as incorporation, budgeting, and other financial concerns. Additionally, our literature catalog includes a variety of books with a great deal more information on this subject.

A LGBT couple being wed by a ULC minister

Become a Minister Today

At the Universal Life Church Ministries, we offer more than just ordination. We've spent decades expanding our vast community of ministers – a network made up of people from all walks of life who are united under a common vision and desire to do good in the world. Whether you simply wish to perform a single wedding ceremony, or you're looking for a jumping-off point to start your own ministry, we are dedicated to providing you with the resources and support necessary to succeed.

The path to ULC ordination is simple, but you never know where the resulting journey might take you.